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Forums - Website Topics - Who do you look up to and admire on VGChartz?

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There's no one i really "admire", but plenty of people whose opinions i respect for various reasons (even if i don't always agree with them). Posters like Pokoko, Slade6, Tachikoma, Wright, Curl-6, CGI-Quality, Vivster and many others are the reason i post here. They keep me sane :p

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Why would you look up to some geek on a video game sales forum....

Bitter much? ^ how many accounts did he make yesterday lol

None. Just one today.

Oh my God; totally PullusPardus.

There was this one thread of his I saw before I joined; he was making some good points about something, but in it, several users were discriminating against him and talking down his OP because of his cute avatar. Anyhow, he stood up to them in the most intelligent way. It was awesome.

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The fallen hero toastboy.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

I don't look up to people or admire anyone. That goes for RL and on here. There's plenty of users that I think are cool and some are interesting. I'm a misanthrope and I just happen to befriend some people once in a while. Oddly, I love to discuss, debate and converse with just about anyone. I think that I just like conflict.

Kresnik who never fails to bring news.

Badgenome and BananaKing always make me chuckle.

Actually several members I think make great contributions here.

ExplodingBlock said:
King Spurge

I 2nd that... Hail to the King baby!

For me,

For tachi,