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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Street Fighter vs Tomb Raider: which has more impact?

I hope Capcom goes the Killer Instinct route and just update the base game instead of doing other versions. That way people will stop those silly jokes about a "Super Duper Trooper Omega" edition. Even if there were other editions, they would still be exclusive to Sony. I don't see Sony co funding this game to go to other platforms no matter what version. Just like Bayonetta 2 is with Nintendo.

SFV is the one with the longer legs here. It will be played competitively for YEARS to come.

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By far, SFV. I'd imagine that this should bring in quite a few fighting fans, especially those who compete in tournaments. But, TR isn't really going to have an impact, since PS gamers will have Uncharted 4 releasing around the same time. TR was announced to be exclusive for 2015, which make me think it may only take 6 months or so for it to come to the PS4.

We already had this question.

I say SF5. TR is substitutable by UC. SF5 has no substitutes. If you're into SF, you're not just going to be happy with MK.

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Tomb raider, because it has a bigger audience on PS, currently, which means it's more likely to pull potential PS4 buyers across to Xb one. Also RTR is ONLY releasing on Xbox in 2015. A PC release is unconfirmed and is only possible in 2016.

SFV OTOH is predominantly PS/PC, so there aren't all that many SF fans who lean Xbox but will now go PS4. And a lot of them will probably just go PC. Also co-launch on PC means less advantage to PS4. But it also means a smaller money hat.

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ICStats said:
We already had this question.

I say SF5. TR is substitutable by UC. SF5 has no substitutes. If you're into SF, you're not just going to be happy with MK.

Killer Instinct is a strong competitor to SF as a franchise. In most arcades when KI was in arcades, it was always there alongside street fighter.

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Street Fighter is like Mario Kart for Nintendo. They have long long legs. Tomb Raider is another hyped game of the week that drops to 20 bucks after 3 months. SF will continue to sell for years


In terms of sales - SF has sold more recently.

In terms of forum impact, definitely Tomb Raider, especially on VGC.

In terms of shift to status quo, harder to say. Probably Tomb Raider.

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Tomb Raider.

People are looking at the previous sales of Street Fighter 4 and all of its versions, but they're forgetting everything in between Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 2 that didn't sell well. Capcom milked the series so hard in the 90s that when newer versions of the game came out, people just didn't care and I feel the same thing is happening again with Street Fighter 5.

I think this is how it's going to turn out. Casual gamers or casual fighting game fans don't play fighters to perfect their technique and they'll probably play it around a week before their friends and them finally give up on it and move to something else. Those interested might play online a bit, rage after several losses as they're unskilled scrubs and quit. If this has happened to them a few times in the past few years I'm sure it's stuck within their memory and they'll ignore most fighting games. Being reminded with constant releases of Street Fighter 4 and how quick they got bored of it isn't doing any favors for Street Fighter 5.

Street Fighter 5 is going to sell worse than just the PS3 Street Fighter 4 combined sales.

SF will have a bigger impact. Tomb Raider will come to PS4 eventually.


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