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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Street Fighter vs Tomb Raider: which has more impact?

I'd say that both have made a very big impact! Perhaps SFV a bit more!

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Street Fighter V. I couldn't care less about TR.

SFV... Heck, isn't Tomb Raider a timed exclusive anyway?


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XBOX impact - zero. They would have got the game anyway.
PS4 - minimal as release date is close to uncharted and there is only going to be one winner if both released together on the same platform. TR 2013 sold 0.66million.

XBOX - medium impact - SF4 sold 2.8million copies WW on x360
PS4 impact - zero. They would have got the game anyway.

So looking at impact in terms of numbers SF5 has the biggest impact. Both decision though are probably born out of weaknesses in the respective genres.....well thats my take.

I think any benefit from Tomb Raider has been destroyed by the fact that nobody believes that it will be exclusive forever. Let's say it does remain exclusive to xbone by the time PS4-owners who wanted to play Tomb Raider accepts this they won't even care about the game anymore and move on.

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d21lewis said:
Street Fighter. Non fighting game fans just don't get it but Street Fighter is what Gran Turismo is to racing, or what Mario is to platforming. It's "the big one".

Dont you mean Smash Bros. ? I'm a huge fighter fan and Street Fighter isn't the big one Smash is with the original Soul Caliber being the best game of them all! Street Fighter is big but its not Smash. 
And I think for the hardcore Street Fighter will mean more but to causal consumer wanting to buy a console Tomb Raider will be a big gain for xbox. Tomb will help it sway on the fence consumers that xbox has its own Uncharted like game and give xbox more value in game library.Sad to say but fighters are not that mainstream any more and sell mainly to hardcore.

TR2, easily.
Look at the reactions. Twitter blew up from complaints and whining from PS fans. Felt bad for CD/SE

SF did not even break 8 million in sales over the course of 8 games on ps3 and 7 on x360. Pretty horrible numbers.

Lol! Nobody read the OP that said "each is exclusive and will never be released on another platform"!

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iTzCharlie said:

Tomb Raider all the way, just look at the reactions

I'd say thats more down to the lack of Xbox presence on this site. It got such a big reaction because sony fans are far more prominant on here.

Street Fighter since RoTR will come to PS4 a few months later