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Samus Aran said:

The worst areas of the game.

Boring emptiness. MP2 is simply superior in level design.

What curl said.

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HoloDust said:
hsrob said:

I really don't understand people claiming the world is empty, the game is a year from release. You don't build all the components of the game up front and spend the remainder of the time simply putting those pieces together.

Different aspects of the development start at different times and take different amounts of time to complete. It could very well be that they aren't very far into the development of generic enemies, NPCs and their programming routines so didn't want to to populate a demo with potentially buggy enemies. Or they simply didn't want to give too much away.

Well, the thing is - the world is empty, and not just the lack of NPCs, but very copy/paste look of it and lack of diversity and details.

They should've waited until they actually have something to show, cause this looks more like a prototype than a game that's ready to ship in a year - horizontal slices (which, I guess, this can be called) are never, IMO, a good idea to present to masses.

Well we're going to have to agree to disagree for now.  The were very clear that they were only showing a small corner of the map so it stands to reason that we won't see the diversity of environments offered in the final game in that relatively small section.  In fact if they do the open world thing properly what we should see is a gradual change of the terrain, scenery, enemies from one area to another rather than the rapid transitions that were usual in games past.

Does anybody go outside? This will be my first question. If it is mocking real world experience this IS the best yet. When you actually go outside, where it's nothing but nature thats all there is trees, grass, rocks and with small animals. Once in awhile you will see a large animal. Then A horse that doesn't need to be told to move away from trees when running is brilliant.
Also remember what he said at E3 things will pop out of nowhere.
I just do not get the Nintendo hate here on this site doesn't matter how good the game will be it still becomes a bash fest

Samus Aran said:

It needs to look better than let's say GoW 3, but it's nowhere near. :(

Or even Metroid Prime 3.

They said it looked better than at E3, it doesn't. They lied.

What? This looks better to me.


Boberkun said:

Any thought about Link location in very first footage? I'm not very sure about this version:

There is pretty much no proof for any of that, that I can see.


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Looks great, but still very early.

I've only seen a gif of the grass and the pic in OP and I've seen too much. It looks amazing.
I don't care what people think about more photorealistic games, this is what gets me.

This is toon shading done right, where its not used as a substitute for world detail.
The dense, waving grass and lifelike horse animations are particularly impressive.

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The critic in me: That openning shot was stunning! Everything after, excluding the grass looked poorly landscaped and just kind of thrown together by some random generator. The visuals on some of those rocky surfaces was yuk. Already it fails in comparison with the attention to detail seen in skyrim. Epona moves great! Link, not so much... it feels like the same stiff twilight princess animations. I wouldn't be so critical if this was gameplay demo versus a tech one (which is what it feels like) but overall though I'm completely sold on the artstyle now, the few gameplay improvements they've shown all felt very natural- Its Zelda so I'm obviously quite excited!

It has to be said though I've had issue with the size of any of the Zelda games,its the side quests and rewards that fill the world that are normally underwhelming (haven't played SS yet)- I don't wanna do an hour and half long fetch quest just to recieve a heart piece lol

Can this really be considered a gameplay teaser?
You can just see Link riding his horse through a wide, beautifully animated world.

In this sense I don't understand all the people speculating and complaining about a lack of gameplay possibilities and mechanics, storytelling etc.
We basically haven't seen anything (except landscape, which is acutally filled with interesting buildings, take a closer look), so we don't know a fuck about this game.

We should stay calm until it is fully revealed.