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Forums - Music Discussion - Who is your favorite rock band/rock artist?

From the '50s to the '90s the music of Rock 'n' Roll dominated culture and the radio waves. Since the '00s and '10s rock has fallen by the wayside. Replaced by pop's artifical noise created by computers from the instruments to the vocals, little of it is real anymore. But, as Neil Young once sang -- Rock 'n' Roll will never die.

In this depraved, rock starved world we live in -- who is your favorite artist or band?

You can pick anybody -- just make sure it's actually a rock band or artist.

And if anyone wants to say that a particular subgenre of rock, such as grunge or metal, isn't rock -- then listen to this...

It's Still Rock and Roll To Me Billy Joel-Lyrics

My favorite band is Nirvana but I love a lot of different bands and artists; like Billy Joel and The Who.

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I really like Stone Temple Pilots, but my favorite one is called Soda Stereo, they're from Argentina.

TOOL, Alice in Chains, White Zombie = Childhood ~Thank you Stefl1504 for the amazing sig~

Muse is my favorite band of all time. Started out with Absolution and never looked back (went back and got their earlier stuff as well, don't worry ).

And don't make fun of me too much, but I love Evanescence as well. Kinda have a thing for symphonic rock. @_@

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Led Zeppelin, followed By Faith No More!!!

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hm.. you say Metal counts? then my favorite is Nightwish (with their first singer they had for the first 5 albums)

I do listen to quite a lot of classic rock aswell, but at most a few songs per band

Metallica/Dream Theater/Testament/Machine Head