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Forums - Music Discussion - Who is your favorite rock band/rock artist?

adriane23 said:
Metallica (in the 80s), Tool, and Pantera.

On a slightly different, but related topic: Rock has been so awful to me for almost a decade now. Are there any good new bands out there that someone can suggest to me?

While not new bands they've only been active in the 2000s and still produce new music. Some of my favorite songs from each and the album they're from.

Avenged Sevenfold

Welcome to the Family (Nightmare, 2010)
Bat Country - (City of Evil, 2005)
Afterlife - (Avenged Sevenfold, 2007)

Rise Against

Satellite - (Endgame, 2010)
Re-Education (Through Labor) - (Appeal to Reason, 2007)
Give it All - (Siren Song of the Counter Culture, 2004)


Diamond Eyes - (The Sound of Madness: 2010 deluxe reissue)
Devour - (The Sound of Madness, 2008)
I'll Follow You - (Amaryllis, 2012)

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Since metal counts my vote goes to judas priest. Love almost all their albums but personally Defenders of the faith is my favorite album.



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Metallica is and always will be my top fav. band of all time.

Others include: Queen, Kansas, Megadeth (up to 2001 anyway), Green Day, Sevendust, Alice in Chains (w/Layne), Iced Earth (w/Matt Barlow), Days of the New (even though he dropped off the face of the earth), Blue Oyster Cult, Opeth (their more progressive stuff), Ra, Black Sabbath (w/Ozzy), Anthrax (like both, but wish Bush would have stayed), Testament, Death Angel, Live (before Ed went jerk mode, apparently), etc.

Rock and Metal have never really "gone away" at any point. And as long as modern music exists, they won't, either. But the fact is, you should never base what you think of music on whatever happens to popular at the moment. You should just find what you like, and follow that. To hell with trends.

Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Suicide Silence, Horse the Band, Minus the Bear, Sublime, and Coheed and Cambria. I couldn't name one, but think i covered every rock genre/sub genre that i listen to.

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Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Scorpions. Guns n Roses, Slash, Alter Bridge and some others like led zep, deep purple and black Sabbath.

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Seeing some great bands in here: Tool, Testament, Faith No More, Nightwish, Mary Beats Jane (quite surprised to see that one in here)

As for me, I can't just pick one band. In addition to the bands listed above, I like Amorphis, Iced Earth, Samael, OLD In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Green Carnation, Orphaned Land, Paradise Lost, etc.

Dir En Grey for me

Judas Priest!

I like many of the bands mentioned so far but I won't repeat them and just say that Metric has been my favorite group since I discovered them with their 2009 album Fantasies. I've seen purchased all their albums (not a bad one in the lot) and went to see them twice. They're awesome wrapped amazing, check them out!

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