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Sounds like fun, I'll join in after exams which won't be for another month but I'll keep this in mind.

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Added everyone who said they'll be ready at launch. Here's hoping there's many more players that sign up once the game is out.

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I'm in, please add me :D

Name: Mike
NNID: AlphaMen


I am not big on it, but will play from time to time.

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Trucks, let's get this league started, shall we?

I'm not good in Smash, but like to fight just for fun! Will be glad to join.
NNID - Sharu79
P.S. Will get the game on Euro launch, in a 1 week.

Im playing, unfortunately no gcn controller yet!

Im in this one and wont sell my copy.

don't waste time

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NNID : turtuls

I should be getting my copy in 5 hours!