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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - First 30 minutes of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

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It seems like a TV show tie in game more than a game aimed at the base.

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Ugh... Why.... PEOPLE ACTUALLY FUCKING LIKED GENERATIONS. Sure, reviews weren't perfect, but they were a hell of a lot better than reviews for the games prior to the Unleashed Day/Colors play style. And it sold well for a AAA home console platformer not named Mario. Why, why, why, why, WHY!?

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As one of 10 people that willingly bought Sonic Lost World at launch and enjoyed it, this game is looking like a bargain binner.

It doesn't look terrible, it just looks unremarkable.

I want more Sonic Generations.

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I'm still gonna get it.

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Meh, seems like your typical tv series/movie tie in game. Seems to have a bit more of a budget but not really. I was expecting more from ex Naughty Dog people, but I'm guessing Sega just wanted this out and not spend more money on the sinking Wii U any more than they have to. After this, the three deal game is done and they'll abandon the Wii U. Still, unless things have changed with the PS4/XBO I can't see new Sonic selling any better than last gen on those platforms, especially considering their budget for the current gen consoles will likely be higher.

It's named Sonic so it'll be judged as a Sonic game so it'll be reviewed very badly. A bit unfair but them's the breaks.

I've seen people say this is worse than Sonic 06. And yeah from these videos and other videos I'm not seeing that.

Looks like another Sonic game that could've been good but will be trash due to incredibly dumb design choices.

I feel like the design of this game really doesn't mesh well with what Sonic is.

There were sections of Jak & Daxter gameplay that... honestly looked really boring. And then there were sections of Sonic gameplay that also looked really boring. I don't think it's really hitting either potential fanbase here.

A mishmash of ratchet and clank and temple run. Looks average. SEGA isn't good enough to make a decent sonic game.

Areym said:
There is no pleasing sonic fans, one way or the other. Looks alright.

That's what I picked up from the comment sections on both parts and from these guys here. I feel sorry for Sega. (Considering that they didn't make it yet they get all the heat)

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