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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Has Kirby's Rainbow Curse multiplayer piqued your interest?

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Are you more interested?

KIRBY~ 9 45.00%
I guess... 5 25.00%
Relatively- 3 15.00%
Hell no! 2 10.00%
Waddle Dee? 1 5.00%

When it was announced back at E3, the game wasn't on my radar... it was just a sequel to Canvas Curse. But after the ND footage yesterday, the multiplayer addition made it much more desirable, seems to implement the gamepad and other players quite nicely.

Has it done the same to you?

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I am more excited than I was before thats for sure (had almost no interest before coop was announced)

But still not sure if I want to buy it.

if i had a friend as interested as me, i would buy it.

The multiplayer definitely planted this game on my radar, looks like a lot of fun. I'd like to see some more level design though and know a bit more about the difficulty.

Multiplayer kinda have the opposite effect on me

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Absolutely YES

My wife and I have really loved playing through NSMBU and NSLU together. We've basically 100% completed it now. We need a new side scrolling Nintendo game to waste our time on (DKC: TF was too difficult for her :( )

I had my hopes pinned to get Yoshi's Wooly World by February, but this looks awesome

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

The multiplayer isn't online, so it does nothing for me. Still waiting for a 3D Kirby Platformer!

Somewhat interestingly, apparently this game is only going to cost about $40 in Japan. I wonder if it'll have that same price tag in the US and elsewhere.

I just don't think the game looks fun tbh...

Looks more like a gimmick to me. Would rather have a platformer Kirby :(