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Forums - Gaming Discussion - "The games industry needs to do more to protect women from online trolling."

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Victim mentality. People like Anita Sarkeesian make a living off this nonsense. These feminazis are becoming more annoying than the religious. And that is certainly saying something.

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RolStoppable said:
Women need to be protected in order to fulfill their roles as damsels in distress.


Pack it up folks, were done here.

Lol, I for one am with Women on this... Girls are trolled more than guys on COD... from tiresome "make me a sammich" jokes... to guys speaking to them like a theyre fucking rapist on the mics... this goes beyond trash talkin in game... guys really need to take into consideration that they came from a woman and I know most of them don't talk to their moms that way...

It seems like in many of these situations women need to, for lack of a batter word, man up.

This is the Game of Thrones

Where you either win

or you DIE

All the woman could go hang out on Miiverse......

Seriously though, anonymity has the power to make assholes out of the seemingly mild-mannered and I don't see how it should be the responsibility of the gaming industry to police that, even if it were possible.

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I once knew a female whose online name was xxChristinaGurrlxx and she used a profile pic highlighting certain body parts, and in most sites and games she used there were ignore, mute, ban etc. buttons available, also she could freely switch rooms and servers, but instead she kept going on about online harassment. Know what I'm saying? The streets, have, spoken.

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same stuff has been happening to men. where's the protection for men?

are they fking helpless??? tell the troll fk a goat or mute them,,,,they need white knights to save em?? pppffff