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Forums - Gaming Discussion - "The games industry needs to do more to protect women from online trolling."

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The line in the title comes from an article recently posted here on VGChartz, and is claimed to be something that Sledgehammer games lead developer Michael Condrey said while talking with the BBC. I feel it's important to make a thread about this because it's something we should be talking about.

Why do we need to protect women from online trolling? What exactley is the difference between trolling me and trolling women? Anyone who has spent any serious time online knows that some people are just assholes. Heck, anyone who's spent any serious time with other people knows that some people are just assholes. When you give those people the freedom and anonymity to say whatever they want they're going to be super assholes.

If you make the decision to put yourself in the middle of a heated and serious debate in a space where these "super assholes" dwell, you're going to have bad things said about and to you. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. You might even get death threats, that's also not just a concern for women.

When James McMullen of Infinity Ward announced he was leaving, he got death threats. Marcuss Persson recieved several death threats after they shut down a website that was giving Minecraft away for free.

So why oh why is this all of a sudden a news worthy womens issue?

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Should we ban them from the internet for their own good?

So what can they do? Hire millions of people that monitor voice chat/text/forums? Than will have: "MY PRIVACY IS BEING VIOLATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" nonsense. Anything short of real magic, or finding a real Superman/girl/boy, isn't gonna work. Besides the mute/report buttons.

Why is it so hard to accept people are assholes and you cant police them being assholes.

Ban users in games by other users and ratings would work maybe. aka Ahole ratings.

You are correct - but reality does not form fit a news story or thread -  so someone takes the rantings of one or more assholes and turns it into hate speach against women - gets pr, money etc publications collude to make a storyline generating mor hits etc happens every day -  


it it is far easier to create news than to find it and report it -   Reality is complicated and messy -  but when someone creates a story/news they can make It clean and neat then package it for consumption in step by step easy to follow directions 

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badgenome said:
Should we ban them from the internet for their own good?

There is no proof that there are women on the internet.. Can't ban or protect what is not there


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I'd like to point out that the VGChartz article is misleading, then again the BBC article isn't that well written.

"He stated that the games industry needs to do more to protect women from online trolling." He never stated this, from what I understand it was Zoe Quinn.

"He was speaking after the developer at the centre of the #GamerGate row said the industry should do more to condemn the online trolling of women."

Women are being trolled in online forums?

That's not harassment. That's called the Internet. Happens to anyone, regardless of gender.

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I also ask from protection against my own noobiness

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