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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Have you ever had 2nd thoughts because of Metacritic?


How Metacritic influenced you?

Waited for game to get cheaper. 15 22.06%
Cancelled a pre-order, wa... 2 2.94%
Lost all the interest for the game. 15 22.06%
Affected my opinion at fi... 4 5.88%
Didn't affect my percept... 13 19.12%
Other / FY Metacritic! 19 27.94%

I'm curious to know how Metacritic can affect someone's preception about a game, considering how that reviews agregator website has grown not only in popularity but also how it shapes people's mind into buying or not buying a certain game. 

Metacritic also covers Music, TV and movies. But the way I see it, it has a much stronger influence on videogames and I think it's because videogames are the most expensive product out of the four and people need to make sure they are bringing the best product to their houses. As a consequence, videogames are the most competitive sector there. The yellow score, meaning that the game is average, goes way too high until 75, yet still only games with 80 or higher are considered decent and recommendable by the popular opinion putting the standards too high. In music for exemple, 60 is still a green and even though there are tons of movies that score red, it doesn't affect too much people that like horror for example, they will go see the movie if they like horror movies nonetheless.

I know not every person pre-orders games and get hyped every month because of videogames, but in your experience have you ever waited longer for a certain game to get cheaper, cancelled a pre-order at the last moment or, in an extreme case, decided not to get the game because of media's perception of the game?

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Nope. I've never used review scores to decide whether to buy new games or not. I know what I'm interested in and reviews aren't going to change that. I do occasionally use them for when games that I wouldn't normally buy are cheap or in a deal or something, but usually if I want a game I just get it regardless of reviews.

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There have been times when I have written off a game and then reconsidered due to general reviews (not really metacritic specifically). I also sometimes look at metacritic to remind me if there are any good games that I somehow missed.

I wouldn't say that metacritic affects my opinion, but general opinions of people can make me take a second look at a game (or a first look in some cases) or warn me of things that I had no way of knowing before release (ex. Bugs/glitches, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Online issues)

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I get general impressions from Metacritic, especially when I have no chance to try it beforehand (which will become obsolete with Share Play) it mostly affects when I will get a game I'm interested in, not whether to buy it or not. I'm getting games with low meta if I was interested before.
Sometimes I check games I otherwise wouldn't if they have 90+ meta.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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Yes. I planned to get Destiny cause my friends were forcing me to get it, but after reading the reviews, I will never buy it. I guess it was the right thing to do since most of my friends have stopped playing the game now.


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Neodegenerate said:

A more constructed post to the discussion is welcome :).

Well I personally can say that I'm quite affected when the genre of the game is particularly not my cup of tea. What I usually do then is to check videos of people playing the game and see for myself and sometimes I'm still reticent. 

With my favorite games however, I just pre-order them and that's it. Only games I ever did so were Dark Souls / Dark Souls 2 and Freedom Wars now, not disappointed so far! However I did regret paying full price for Heavy Rain, but that is mainly because I didn't search info about the game so I was really shocked that all I had to do was moving around and shake the controller :/

Other games like Remember Me (one of my personal favs of all time) or Knight's contract also scored low and very low respectively and I loved them!

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I'm too informed to buy into Metacritic hegemony, so no.

Not especially metacritic but reviews in general, if they are really bad

It prevented me from buying Lgend of Korra by Platinum games.