Forums - Sony Discussion - The Silent Hill P.T demo is amazing.

Played it last night after work and it's frighting as hell.  I'm amazed with Konami's games for PS4 so far.

MGS:GZ, PES 2015 and P.T are high quality games.   Hope this means a rebirth for Japanese home console games.

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yes, you are right.

cant wait of metal gear solid 5 phantom pain - best game ever maybe.

The best summer of all time, for all GAMER:
"The Last of Us 2" in June, "Ghost of Tsushima" in July !!
2020-Game of the Year, currently: Persona 5 Royal, FF7 Remake

I wish everyone plays it this October so scary its the use of good graphics and lack of explanation that makes it work well when Silent Hills comes out imma play it with "hints off"

I should get my PS4 today, and PT is the very first thing I'm going to play.

I just hope the actual game has the same athmosphere.

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Indeed. It's scary as shit.

Glad you enjoyed MGS GZ as well!

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Am I right in thinking this "demo" has nothing to do with the actual Silent hill game?

I'm not really here!

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kowenicki said:
Am I right in thinking this "demo" has nothing to do with the actual Silent hill game?

Yeah. It's a totally separate thing, not a cut of the game.

As a playable teaser it is great, but if the game is anything like this, I will think it is absolute garbage...

Congratz on experiencing this gem of a teaser. Kojima is on another level!