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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who thinks the Halo franchise is over rated?

Halo is not FPS. It is social FPS and that is the attraction point.

Throw off character from (almost) any game nad here's you pile of junk so what's the point? Especially since ninty chars are so lovely and cute

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^ohh i agree--its fun but other shooter *counter strike* offer more

i am just saying micro knew that this was a corner stone game after the first one took off so well---bungie could have taken a poop in the box and micro still would have hyped up the ....well... crap out of it b/c it was one of there Trump Cards


The Halo series is overrated, but very good.
The Final Fantasy series is overrated, and is of very mixed quality.
The MGS series is overrated, and the story is geared for 14 year olds who can't tell the difference between a good story and a convoluted story.
The GTA series is overrated, and the last few games have been mediocre at best.

Half-Life is not, nor will it ever be, overrated.


Can we move on now?

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Halo is alot better series in my mind then the Half-life series. Halo is also one of the best series ever created, and among the best games i have ever played. The graphics for Halo3 are really good, and if you think it was only slightly better then Halo2 then you must have not played the game.

I agree with Rocketpig (except I have never played any of those series but GTA and an hour or two of Halo)

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I compare Halo to games like Final Fantasy and MGS. Halo 3 in my opinion is the best FPS online to play in terms of what it consists of. For example, you can control vechicles, a variety of weapons in addition to the game types.

The series has now aged which is why MS continues to create new IP's such as Too Human, BioShock, Mass Effect, Gears etc. I wouldnt consider it overrated as much as something that has aged. You no when you buy a halo game what your getting, same can be said for MGS or Final Fantasy.

Would I buy Halo 4 if it came out? Maybe, just depends on what new features are added. I like the map editor and movie features in Halo 3 so as long as they keep coming up with new features I would not say its overrated.

I think it is very overrated

Rocketpig and Legend are right. Any game/franchise is overrated to some people. You can't and never will be able to create a game everybody loves.

And before I am banned, I'm not a big fan of Half-life.......

Wow, people on a Wii dominated forum hating on Halo - couldn't see that coming. Actually, the first time I played it I thought it was overrated. Then I played online and was hooked! It's the best multiplayer game out there, so long as you don't get asswipes to play with.



^which happens often