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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Forza Horizon 2 Looks Gorgeous.

OfficerRaichu15 said:
Goatseye said:
OfficerRaichu15 said:
Teeqoz said:
Best looking racing game ever? Driveclub says hello.

I say project cars is :P

Mario Kart 8

cartoon racer possibly

its not a driving simulator so it cant compete

At least the carts slow down when you go off track in MK8, it's got that bit of realism up on FH2 ;)
FH2 looks pretty nice, not a system seller for me though. Together with Quantum break maybe. If I had a XB1 already I would get it day one anyway, same with DC and project cars.

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"Best looking racing game ever"

hahahahahahahaha sooo much delusion. I wish I could do that.

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well it looks more exciting..

It looks amazing, but not as good as Drive Club.

Not that it matters. 'Cause, really, if I'm playing Forza, I'm not gonna think to myself, "Sure this looks great, but DC looks soooo much better." Same if I'm playing Drive Club. Forza's visuals wouldn't even cross my mind. These graphics comparisons don't really mean anything outside of "my dad's bigger than your dad" internet fanboy wars.

Those are some shiny cars.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

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Looks really good.


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Jega said:


Seriously, this is one pretty looking game, probably the best looking racing game ever.


either you are seriouly deluded or work for MS, id say a bit of both.

that is all.  

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Graphics are nice and all but I'll take fun gameplay any day over graphics. (Which is why I actually like the Horizon series and not the Motorsport series)

Sweep said:
Forza Horizon trailer graphics are roughly on par with DriveClub's ingame ones

This. I've seen so many people on so many sites taking this to be in game footage and yet they've already seen what the game actually looks like ... and this ISN'T it. No doubt Forza Horizon 2 will be a great game but once again MS are using false advertising. I hope MisterX sees the irony.


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Ok everybody - we've all had our 'unreleased game XX looks better' fun.

This thread is in the Microsoft forums, and is explicitely about Forza Horizon 2. If you have nothing new to contribute and simply wish to derail the thread, I suggest you decline to post.

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