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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Forza Horizon 2 Looks Gorgeous.

poklane said:
Can Microsoft PR hire OP please?
And yes, Forza Horizon 2 looks really good.

i thought he was one.

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Jega said:


Seriously, this is one pretty looking game, probably the best looking racing game ever.

The game just looks sweet. Kudos to Turn 10 Studios. This game not only looks great, but sounds and looks like it will play 

great as well. Simply impressive.





You mean Playground Games right? ;)

Does look really really nice. Forza Horizon was one of the few games I actually genuinely missed being able to play as a result of no longer having a 360. I hope Horizon 2 lives up to it's potential as between that, Sunset Overdrive and Dead Rising 3, I'm starting to get enough reasons to stump up for a One at some point ^_^

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bananaking21 said:


what do you mean derail this thread? this is a forum, and forums are created for discussion. what ever the author puts in his OP means its open for discussion. when people discuss whats the best looking racing game ever, its not derailing the authors thread since he himself brought the point up. and stop with playing the victim card already, its getting pathetic. 

Pathetic are you guys getting all up in arms because a guy clearly stated his opinion about Horizon 2 and the first pages are, predictably, full of insecure gamers that can't stand others' opinions.

He didn't state the beauty of FH2 as the most advanced tecnical feat.

And you couldn't wait for throw you attacker card in the wind right?


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It is a very pretty racer, but not the prettiest. I hope sharing this opinion is allowed

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Xenostar said:
wasnt made by turn 10 tho

Horizon 1 wasn't either, still the game was a lot of fun.

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FH1&2 were co-developed by Turn 10.

The credit should go to Playground Games that is who developed the game not Turn 10. The only think that sucks about Horizon 2 is that it pretty much means the end in support for Forza 5 and that game could have used a couple more tracks and some more cars also.

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Goatseye said:
FH1&2 were co-developed by Turn 10.

Turn 10 barely did any work on one and two but they still get huge co-development credits.  In the first game all they did is help with the car models not sure what they did with the second game.

OttoniBastos said:

Best looking racing game ever?

Nope, that would be the PC version of Project CARS.