Forums - Sales Discussion - Will XBOX ONE's lifetime sales beat PS4's first week? Just talking Japan

Will XBOX ONE reach at least 320k sales in Japan, passing PS4 FW?

Yes, XBOX ONE will sell m... 47 29.01%
No, XBOX ONE will sell le... 91 56.17%
See results 24 14.81%

I was thinking of doing this as a "bold prediction" thread, but instead I'll just leave it up to you guys.



PS4 did 320k or so first week in Japan. Will XBOX ONE in Japan ever pass that in lifetime sales?

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I believe that it can/will. I imagine it doing between 500K and 1 million (especially if they grab some exclusive Japanese titles). It won't mirror the 360's success, but with a shrinking market, it seems none of the home consoles will achieve what previous iterations have there.


If they support it for more than 5 years, seems likely.

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Nope, Microsoft obviously doesn't care even to try. The launch was ludicrously weak. It will be lucky to make 1 year in JP with any real rate.

Man that poll is way more one sided than the actual posts.

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Microsoft doesn't care that much about Japan, so my answer would have to be no! :S

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I want to say yes, even with the shrinking market for home consoles and the insular nature of the Japanese in general I still would like to think that xbone could claw out a meager 321k. But after seeing those barren "lines" and the debut numbers, I just don't know.

No i don't think so. The X1 doesn't even have the western games to fall back on there if they keeping being exclusive to the PS4.

Lol no, XB0 is DOA.

Yeah I think so, it won't beat current PS4's ltd, it's like 600k right?

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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