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Forums - Sony Discussion - PSN suffering widespread issues as a result of DDOS attack - Service slowly returning to normal

Nicklesbe said:

Yup. Had issues this morning for like an hour but it's been clear for me all day. I live in N America. East coast.

Well, mine has been down all day and I live on Long Island. Only PS3 and Vita PSN is working.


You must be lucky then.

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Still no PSN on PS4 for me.

I want to play Diablo 3 with my friends soooo bad

Yeah this sucks. I agree with Raziel though. If it's (PS4 online) going to be down, then it might as well extend until the maintenance is done tomorrow then.

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brendude13 said:
RenderMonk said:

That's the thing, PSN is up and running on the PS3 and the Vita.....But for some reason, the PS4 is still being affected. Which is killing me, as I have some business to take care of on FFXIV!

I know that feel.

I just hit level 50, there's so much to do.

RIght! I am LITERALLY addicted to this damn game, lol. Has been a really crummy day, not being able to login and do all the glorious Eorzea stuff!

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Finally working for me.




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a ddos attack is hardly experts at work lol

Confuses me why people would do this. unless its to overload the server to course it to create errors so they are able to more easily find a vulnerability that they can exploit. But the server being overloaded kind of defeats the purpose because it is not like the person or group behind it is going to be able to access server whilst its offline.

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celador said:

Damn that was pretty good.

QUAKECore89 said:
AZWification said:

Gee, man! This world is certainly full of bored people!

Sarcastic much?! I mean, look at your picture lol

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