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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are You Satisified With Current Gen Graphics?


Are You Satisified With Current Gen Graphics

Yes 110 49.77%
No 78 35.29%
See Results 33 14.93%

Now I'm not talking to the people who prefer the art styles like Mario Kart and Child of Light. Games like ACU (Assassin's Creed Unity), The Order: 1886, Quantaum Break, etc...  Games that push for photorealism.

I'm talking soley character models, not evniorment. For me, I'm pretty satisfied with how games look early in the generation. As we progress through this generation, games will only look better.

So, are you satisfied with this generation's graphics, or do you want games to go even further?




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I am ok but not really satisifed. I dont think we have reached a point yet that makes me think oh its enough. I want 4k 120fps Billions of Polys per frame raytracing etc.. Eventually someday in my life.

Yeah, I'm satisfied alot. Grapicks look good and it's all at 60fps so yeah tha's good.

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No, I want 8k.

Yes, don't care really

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Meh, they look nice, but they don't exactly wow me either.

I am, yes. Early gen titles like Killzone:SF, Ryse and Infamous:SS all make me exited for the future. MS and Sony not taking ridiculous losses on hardware sales also makes for a nice change :p

I've also been very happy about the IQ and stability. In the past even the best looking console games were stuck at 720p, often with little to no AA and with very few of them able to actually maintain a locked 30fps. Now we have 1080p as mostly standard (on the PS4 at least), decent AA is pretty much expected and locking at 30fps can be done with relative ease.

The cherry on the top of course is the £350 price tag. Personally, i couldn't have asked for much more.

Yes, and they'll only get better.

They didn't wow me , but they are pretty decent so far! The games with mind-blowing visuals will start coming out next year!

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Yeah they wow me, but I'm getting too spoilt these days, I notice straight away when I'm playing a game with poor graphics. Can't even go back to playing classics on my PS2 cause of this.