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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Third Parties Try with the Wii U After Smash 4 Releases?

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The damage has been done, two years is far too late in this kind of business. Especially when they were left out from the start. The best they would get is those Ports Nintendo gamers always seem to hate.

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I think there's a good chance of significant Japanese support, if the PS4 doesn't have a turn around there by the end of the year Wii U could well win Japan. Meaning Japanese publishers would have to support it.

In the West? Not really.

Assuming a rapid turnaround this Xmas and hitting 12 million by the end of the FY, with a solid baseline >100k per week (lets face it, very unlikely). And 3rd parties start to feel confident with the Wii U, the amount of time it'd take to mobilise and that the Wii U will probably be winding down by the time their games are ready means it's unlikely to say significant support.

We may see some belated ports of DA3, AC, etc. but not much more significant than that.

Unless games are still being released for the PS360, they probably would make it to Wii U

Sharu said:
No. 3rd parties are slow in making desisions, so their support for this generation is already fixed in place. Maybe some japan 3rd party games and some exlusives bought by Nintendo, but I wouldn't expect much...

They were jumping back and forth all over the place last gen, though.

EA and Ubi might start making some low cost Wii U exclusives just as they did with the Wii... Maybe some more Japanese games. More 3DS ports lol

Dont expect to see Witcher 3, Battlefield etc start arriving...

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Nah they'll calculate it like this: COD sold ~200k units on Wii U with 5m sold soooooo once the install base reaches 30m we'll sell like, a profitable amount. Yeah 30m sounds good.

It will have absolutely zero impact on 3rd party publisher support.

The Wii had a huge install base and 3rd parties largely tuned their nose up at it.

The Wii U launched with no install base and had better 3rd party support than it does now with nearly 7 million units sold.

It's a sailed ship and they have no intention of returning to port to pick up Nintendo. Nor do most Nintendo fans care to jump on the 3rd party ship anyway. We know better. We've tried and have been burned too many times.

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