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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Third Parties Try with the Wii U After Smash 4 Releases?

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The reason that 3rd parties are not interested in the Wii U is because they can't compete with Nintendo on that platform. Owners of Nintendo systems are mainly interested in Nintendo franchises. The Wii had a huge install base yet 3rd parties eventually abandoned it when they could not sell on it.

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It's not a conspiracy, Nintendo just doesn't make systems that suit the target market of most third parties.

Nintendo aims more towards kids/family audience, most of the big third party games that Nintendo fans clamour for aren't made for this demographic.

The Wii/U saw good support from LEGO, Just Dance, and most of the big family/casual IP, but those IP are not really the most popular on "hardcore" message boards even for Nintendo fans, so nothing to crow about there.

Beyond that Nintendo bailed out on making relatively cutting edge systems after the GameCube, so for a lot of third parties making a port for Nintendo is more of a headache than its worth.

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Nope. Main problem would be the architecture itself. PC/XBO/PS4 all use x86 so its relatively easy to port between these platforms.

I'm guessing the most influential 3rd parties insisted all the hardware manufacturers targeted x86 and 8GB RAM for the 8th generation. Nintendo ignored them and i'm guessing they'll be hellbent on making Nintendo pay for that.

The only way i see 3rd parties jumping on board WiiU is if they're forced to do so by market conditions. Keep in mind that this actually happened in the case of EA in the past where certain executives resigned their positions when the board decided to support Nintendo platforms. The hatred towards Nintendo is real. 

What? Do you have a source for this?

The 2nd paragraph is a guess. The 3rd? Yes. 

I only meant to quote the third paragraph :p My bad.

Anyway, thanks for the link! I should get around to reading that.

Though one thing, EA has been supporting Nintendo systems for a long time. They had a good few games on the NES.

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Just Ubisoft and a couple multiplats. And a few scattered exclusives. That's it.

lol no. It's the demographic and not the install base that keeps 3rd party away.

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I like to think of support like a wave. Nintendo is at the bottom of said wave now, It will only go up from here.

If anything Nintendo will snap up exclusives or collaborate with other companies eg Lego City, Bayo 2, W101, Hyrule warriors and Devils third. There will deffo be more Sonic and the usual Skylanders, Lego and maybe COD.

Smash will only prove further that only Nintendo first party games sell on the system.

For third parties to give a shit again, it would take a third party production not published or distributed by Nintendo that sold really well. And it would take Nintendo making an effort to get the Wii U back in the stores that have dropped it.

Third parties? Try? You're funny.

3rd parties couldn't care less when the Wii U launched. If they wanted it to succeed they'd support it like they have with PS3/4 and X360/Xbox1.

Right now it seems completely abandoned. I'm pretty sure they are not coming back.