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Planning on playing Bravely Default, War Thunder, Red Faction (bought all 4 on Steam for like $5 but I know nothing about them) Towerfall, Strider, CSGO, and all the shit in my backlog. In reality I'll probably beat BD and put a few hours into the rest.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Wii U and Pikmin 3

Just finished the 3DS Zelda game. Started playing a bit 3DS Street Fighter and Bravely Default. Will also play Snake Eater 3D.

On WiiU, MK8, Wind Waker, Injustice, Batman: AC. Also plan to get Child of Light and maybe Trine 2.

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If I finish Gothic 2 quickly, I'm undecided between finishing Morrowind and Torment too or starting another game from my backlog. I have Gothic 3 too, but I read it's not up the 2nd, probably the best (and with the expansion the toughest too) in the series, so I could skip it for now and start Mount & Blade or The Witcher series or Mass Effect instead. I have also Sacred 1 and 2, Torchlight and the Drakensang series in my backlog, but as they are lightweight isometric 3D games, I keep them for my notebook when I'll have finished Planescape: Torment.
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ExplodingBlock said:
All 3 Paper Marios
Sonic Colors
Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure
Super Mario World

I agree with you that SS is not a legit Paper Mario game!

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Playing Dead Rising 2 currently, while good, the bosses are oddly hard compared to the rest of the game (also wish I had more freedom, sticking to that time thing is annoying).

Plan on completing Deus Ex HR again, and continuing FFX-2 (HD)

Hmm, pie.

probably just play GTA Online while i watching something from like i have been doing every night for the past week