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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who's your favorite video game character of all time?

Lara Croft.

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Any chance we could get Phoenix Wright's name spelled correctly in the OP? :p

Guybrush Threepwood

hard to choose but i think Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts.

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Brutalyst said:
updated, and fixed the Mega Mad typo :p

OK! Mega Man is not Mega Mad at you anymore..

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Brutalyst said:

Xander Xtreme said

Either Ellie or Samus. Second place goes to Master Chief. Or maybe Solid Snake. Man, I'm terrible at this.

You have to pick one, and one only (this vote not counted thus far)

That's why I said I'm terrible at this. That being said I'm going with Samus, second place to Master Chief.

Can't decide... Vivi or Toon Link.

I'd vote for Vivi because Link already has a lot of votes.