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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who's your favorite video game character of all time?

Big Boss of course. I also really wish David Hayter was still the voice I don't care what people say that voice was iconic and awesome and emotional. MGS3 was made by him and the Boss' conflict and his whole journey is just really interesting. The ending of MGS4 gives me tears every time.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Brutalyst said:

I considered giving him my vote asa it was my fave FF game ^^ 

Yay, me too

I love the rivalry between Squall and Seifer. Squall is better though since he is playable

Mind you part of the reason I would choose Squall is down to Rinoa, without her and just taking Squall on his own merits, he was kind boring :p

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Hades from kid icarus uprising, he is just so entertaining to listen to.

I don't have a favorite video game character, but if I really have to choose then Vivi from Final Fantasy IX!

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Lord Kratos...

Sonic the Hedgehog, duh.

Link, but only when she has her long blonde hair! She looks so delicious.

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That's quite the difficult question, there's plenty of good ones out there. I've always thought Samus was the most interesting out of Nintendo's lineup of mostly silent protagonists (at least, before she started speaking nonstop, somewhat ironically). Amaterasu and Issun from Okami both deserve honorable mentions; Amaterasu particularly for quite possibly being the most expressive silent protagonist ever. Dante from DMC3/4, Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening, Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution...

In the end, though, I'll have to go with, what is, at least in my opinion, the character with the most well done development and the most consistent character arc out of anyone from any game series ever.

So to that end, Phoenix Wright.