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Best video Game generation?

Gen 1: Magnavox Odyssey/Color TV-Game 6 2.04%
Gen 2: Atari 2600/Intellivision 1 0.34%
Gen 3: NES/Sega Master System 10 3.40%
Gen 4: Sega Genesis/SNES/TurboGrafx-16 75 25.51%
Gen 5: Nintendo 64/Playstion/Sega Saturn 57 19.39%
Gen 6: Dreamcast/PS2/Xbox/Gamecube 93 31.63%
Gen 7: Xbox 360/PS3/Wii 31 10.54%
Gen 8: Wii U/PS4/Xbox One 21 7.14%

Why not both? Nothing is stopping you from playing modern and retro games?


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I play video games because it allows me to become a race car diver, an adventurer, explorer, fighter etc do you do that shit in real life? You must have such a fascinating life...

Your post doesn't mesh with your username

Maybe you should give it to me instead? Cause i know i'll be an happier gamer by playing games from any generation instead of just old or new.

If you ask me, both retro games and modern games both have their ups and downs.

Sticking to just retro games isn't exactly the best thing to do, but if that's what you want, then hey, I can't stop you.

"Just for comparison Uncharted 4 was 20x bigger than Splatoon 2. This shows the huge difference between Sony's first-party games and Nintendo's first-party games."

You don't sound like an happy gamer

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Your first point is also my main issue why I play games less and less.

All games want to look realistic and feel realistic (but at the same time some have autoheal b*llshit - i am sorry to call it like this - and an AI from hell - one example from AC3 see below) und it seems they pay only attention to graphics and sound.
I played Assasin's Creed 3 on my WiiU (in the meantime i sold it again^^) and it was like i press one button and the character runs towards the enemy and makes 10 stupid move, just because I pressed "X" or something like that.
When just running forward it seems like he make some kind of stunts or so.
In other games I noticed QTE are - for me - the worst things in gaming history. But they are directly followed by i walk 5 meter - 1min cutscene - i walk 10 meter - 1min cutscene and so on (i know thats mainly for building up some story, but i dont care that ...).
I thought about buying Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors cut for WiiU and started to watch an LetsPlay to get an impression about the game.
After cutscene-intro the character moved 5meter, then there was another cutscene in which he moved anywhere else. I watched some minutes more and then again cutscene .... and a cutscene ... i just could not even keep watching the LetsPlay, i just turned it off. Thats not what I call playing a game ...
Probably its going to be less cutscenes when being further in the playthrough, but i just dont like this stuff.
And this is directly followed by ... let me say ... the seemingly absolute necessity to invole guns into almost every game.
When playing AC3 I also had some "great" AI.
I fought some enemies, thought i cleared them all and went to bathroom standing in an completely open field. When coming back a few mins later I turned around 180° and saw there was one more enemy i did not noticed before. At exactly THAT point when i looked at him he started to fire at me, but not during the whole time i was not there. Thats so ridiculous.

Most games, i again agree, have lost their magic. Even MK8 was like well i play it a few times and won some cups and then it is like i play again tomorrow ... or well, one day after tomorrow ... or well, another day after ... and so one. So i did not touched it for 5 weeks or so now.
Its OK but something is missing - or I am getting too old^^
NSMBU was different, i just was playing it hour by hour when i got it, also some challenges with my brother. This was just pure gaming, nothing else. Beating the levels, collecting the coins - great.
I guess i spend something like 50+ hours with NSMBU (my first 2D Mario since Super Mario World on SNES) and finished the whole game without starworld.

For me gaming gets more and more uninteresting, especially since every game wants to be more and realistic.
I play a couple of heartstone matches every few days and thats it - more or less.

I cant say anything to DLC, never bought that stuff.

I still have got my N64 with Turok1, Pilotwings64 and BlastCorps. I guess i played these three games alone more than ALL my WiiU- and Wii-Games (which I had - I gave the most away) combined.

Modern gaming is not made for me.

Raziel123 said:

Your post doesn't mesh with your username

Maybe you should give it to me instead? Cause i know i'll be an happier gamer by playing games from any generation instead of just old or new.

If I could change it I would xD I was a little niave when I created that name lol

I'd suggest given Splatoon and Captain Toad a go while you still have your Wii-U.

Other than that... I can't choose between the Gamecube and N64 for classic games. Gamecube had so many amazing titles but so did the N64.

Gamecube for quality, N64 for quantity? I think? Maybe SNES for quality? Or SNES for quantity?

I love retro games, but I still love modern games as well. I agree that most retro games have a lot more replay value than modern games do, but every once in a while we get modern gems that become instant classics.

You don't seem like one happy gamer to me

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