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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Can we agree that PS4 graphics are in another level!

Seriously this is impressive...

The Order 

Uncharted 4

so good

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About as half as good as Skyrim with mods.

PC gamers incoming

Not really. It is at least a couple years behind top-end PC's, unfortunately.

i'll second you but g'luck getting everyone to agree. there is always that one guy who is going to say mk8 looks better than uncharted 4.

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Though yea they do have nice visuals, but I don't really care much. It's like Killzone. It's very nice, but it didn't make it a great game. It was extremely dull imo. Driving games always look pretty good.

I was pretty impressed with the offscreen footage of bloodborne as well, especially the character models, from E3.

well they look nice :)


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PattonFiend said:
Not really. It is at least a couple years behind top-end PC's, unfortunately.

well start posting if you are going to say that.  i always hear that PC's are soo impressive but in the last 10 years i still have only seen crysis as an example of impressive graphics.  otherwise everything seems to be a late port of the console version or indies.

It looks nice, I will give them that! Sony first party sure knows how to push the limits of the ps4 graphically


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