Forums - Nintendo Discussion - UPDATE: Sell Through to Consumers? Mario Kart 8 Sells 2 million units in 1 month WW!

Max King of the Wild said:
Galaki said:
Max King of the Wild said:

Not to take away from the massive MK Wii sales but that was probably the second biggest bundled game last gen. Right behind Wii sports.

It was not bundled after hitting 25M.

Doesn't it come with all wii minis?

Your point?

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That's great news! Thanks for sharing! :)

Super Smash Bros on WiiU is going to destroy these numbers easily (in terms of 1 month sales

tbone51 said:

Super Smash Bros on WiiU is going to destroy these numbers easily (in terms of 1 month sales

Always MK sold more than Super smash bros. But, its releasing in holidyas so it might sell very well than MK in 1 month.

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bu-but polygon said Mario Kart 8 sales would reach 1.99 million units by the end of March 2015...


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Sell-through means sold to consumers, right? Fantastic if true. Though shipped would still be very good.

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Well done Nintendo and Mario Kart. Very well deserved also; excellent game.


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Just throwing it out there: 13k MK8 digital in Japan in May, no figures for June yet:

Can't work out from the conversations in this thread whether this is shipped or sold (I assume shipped), but regardless it'll likely be sold-through soon, so congrats on that Nintendo.  A 1-in-3 attach rate is incredible.