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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Convince me to buy a Wii U

Moonhero said:
Well, if you like waking in the morning and having some toast, you should get one.
If you enjoy long walks on the beach, you should get one.
If you have between 3-9 cats, and only have one bedroom in your home, you should get one.
If you have a member of your family in a nursing home, you should get one.
If you think Leonardo was still in a dream at the end of Inception, you should get one.
If you look at the moon and wonder "If X=34 and Y is 9+X/2.3, why can't Z be 2?", you should get one.

How did you know? Now I must get a Wii U.

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1st of all, I feel you need full disclosure on the system, so lets start with the cons
1.If your buying only one console you will be making a huge sacrifice in choice of games by picking up a wii-u. Your not gonna get alot of the biggest newest titles that will be coming to the XB4. Evolve, assassin's creed unity, Call of Duty: AW, Batman Arkham Knight, Madden15, wwe15, nba15, Battlefield Hardline, Middle Earth Shadows of Mordor, and The Evil Within, are all big name games that are not coming to the wii-u and that THIS YEAR ALONE (batman did get pushed back to 2016). Just to reinforce this point, this trend is not going to change period. If you want only one system you will miss out on a lot of games in the future as well.
2. The wii-u is not and never will be as powerful as the xb4. Does that mean it the U is total crap? If you got a Ferrari would you be pissed off that it's not a lambourgini? (sp?).
3. The gamepad didn't really need to be made. For the most part it's a nice luxury and nothing more. Now there are a few games that make having it a totally unique experience, but the only one of come across that does so with single player is zombiiU, and it was really obvious that was a launch title.
4. Nintendo is all alone this time around. In the past 3rd parties would off exclusives on a Nintendo platform because it seemed like there was no competition in that area. This time around it seems as if 3rd party publishers really don't care to try that again. So, this time around Nintendo is having to make 2nd party deals, which is cool as it's given us an exclusive to the sequel to the cult classic bayonetta, but the amount of time they can do this in a year will be limited by their funds to do so.
5. This last one is more to my personal taste than anything. As mention Nintendo doesn't have a huge supply of games in the 1st place. Add into the fact that some of those games are 2d sidescrollers and you have even less. Nintendo seems to be one of the last major developers dedicated to this dying genre. I like side-scrollers/platformers, but not enough to shell out 50$, no matter how good it is.
I'll put the pros on a separate post as this is already pretty lengthy.

Lets start by turning the last con into a pro.
1. If you really like side-scrolling platformers then you may have found nirvana as Nintendo traditionally makes some of the best of all time. Mario-u, donkey, and Wooly Yoshi have all been and will be great titles.
2. Nintendo makes damn good games in general, but they're definitely different, so the biggest question is your taste. In my opinion, the best (my favorite) games for wii-u haven't come out yet. Smash bros, Zelda, Metroid are my favorite 3 Nintendo franchises and I can't play them anywhere else. I also love pikmin, and the newest 3d Mario was the only 3d Mario I've ever liked. Boom, that's 5 exclusives right there. You'll definitely lose more 3rd party games than you'll play 1st party, but keep in mind EVERY Nintendo game you play is sure to be very polished. Let me reiterate, practically every major game you pick up on wii-u will be a Nintendo exclusive making this a much bigger decision between say a wii-u and a ps4 than say a ps4 and an xb1.
3.Since you like coming to the vgchartz threads you may be pretty interested in the miiverse. It can actually be pretty addicting to interact with all the Nintendo users out there.
4 THE ONLINE IS FREE! Is it as good as other online services? No. I definitely prefer ps3 as it is free and pretty much every online game has chatting ability. That said that was last gen and wii-u has the only new system with free online gaming.
5. The wii-u is the only new system that's backwards compatible. That's 20-30 good wii games you could play in addition to the growing wii-u library. That's not just the games either. Have wii peripherals and accessories? They work on the wii-u.
6. The wii-u is the cheapest of the big 3 consoles and it will always be that way. Wanna pay 400$ for a system or do you wanna pay 400$ for a system and 3-5 games. The most attractive bundle is the mariokart bundle. It comes with the wii-u, mariokart, and a wii-u motion plus wii remote. If you register Mario kart with Nintendo on they let you download Mario-u, pikmin3, wii party u, or Zelda windwaker for free. FOR FREE. That's all for 320$. If you wanna go on the cheap side you can pick up the skylanders bundle at gamestop for $250, but it's only an 8gb system.
7. I said the gamepad before is mostly just a luxury, but without it my wife probably wouldn't have made it through Mario-u or rayman legends. It was a lot of fun directly helping and inexperience gamer make it through a game without actually having a character on the screen. It's a very different experience.

Hope all that helped.

Oh yeah, my actual advice on the situation is go to gamestop and get a used one along with the games your really interested in (also used) If you find the system is just not for you take it back with the receipt within 7 days and they'll give you a refund. Just make sure the system AND the games are used (which may be hard since most people keep their Nintendo games) AND that you keep your receipt. I've done similar transactions with them in the past. They're pretty cool about it.

CarcharodonKraz said:
Oh yeah, my actual advice on the situation is go to gamestop and get a used one along with the games your really interested in (also used) If you find the system is just not for you take it back with the receipt within 7 days and they'll give you a refund. Just make sure the system AND the games are used (which may be hard since most people keep their Nintendo games) AND that you keep your receipt. I've done similar transactions with them in the past. They're pretty cool about it.

But I don't have a gamestop where I live :'-(

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Thread is over folks. He's getting one now.
You're all welcome.

Ask stefl1504 for a sig, even if you don't need one.

My first argument is that free online and off-screen play makes for a great second-console experience. It also features the Mii-Verse, which a is a great tool for sharing things about games you've taken to.

I will provide concepts of what you can get and back them up with multiple examples.

My second is that it offers an assortment of lesser seen genres, and other games that barely fit within defined genres, at the first and foremost of their exclusive line-up; most of which are extremely highly rated.

- Pikmin is an Adventure/RTS hybrid which is simply very improbable. It is a very unique title but one which has actually influenced games on other titles, namely Overlord - though it has a very different tone and pushes a more RPG tone based on that same concept.
- Super Mario 3DS World is possibly truly the only great 3D Platformer we've had since Mario Galaxy. Personally I couldn't live without this genre, which is part of why I'll always have a Nintendo console.
- Splatoon seems to be one of the most unique shooters we've seen in a long time (granted, Sunset Overdrive also realized the genre was crying out for some kind of re-imagining of it to it).

There are also a number of classic games you will have the opportunity to catch up. In addition to the virtual console their seem to be a number of titles, both released

- Mario Maker will allow you to experience countless variations of the classic Mario ideas that you may have missed.
- Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD is a wonderfully upgraded version of a game many argue to be one of the best of all time. While hardly the perfect open-world game by todays standards it still very effectively stands its ground.
- Backwards compatibility will allow you to experience any games from the Wii-era you might have missed. Remember that the Wii-U is perfectly backwards compatible with all Wii games.

Additionally there are a number of games that fit more in-line with traditional games. These can include games which belong to Nintendo, or which they bring in from outside.

- Metroid Prime is a very dark atmospheric first-person shooter series based on the Metroid franchise, and with gameplay that derives in many ways from the Metroidvania genre.
- Fatal Frame is another dark atmospheric first person game, though its a survival horror. It doesn't use conventional weapons as the enemies/challenges are ghosts.
- As you may know Bayonetta is a spiritual successor to the original Devil May Cry game which was extremely well receive, and the sequel (as well a seeming enhanced remake of the original that comes with) is a Wii-U exclusive.

There are also games that strive to be a more colourful and less serious than those on rival consoles, which can make for a very refreshing experience when played alongside other options.

- Mario Kart is a wonderful and wacky multi-player, which can be a fantastic game for playing over the long term. Playing with friends is great, but it is also an incredible palette cleanser between different games.
- Smash Bros. is reliably comparable to this. It is a very different game fighting game that is so different to traditional fighters that some people argue it is more of a multi-player competitive beat-em-up/action game.
- Kirby's Rainbow Curse looks to be very nicely stylized game which utilizes the Wii-U's larger gamepad to vastly improve one of the most popular DS games significantly.

There are also a number of very impressive seems games being promised at the moment. In there are two which, from what we already know, may easily prove to be as impressive as what is on 'The Twins' for a significant part of their life-cycles. After all Mario Galaxy managed to hold its own against as a strong contender for the game of the last generation for many critics.

- Zelda U appears to be combine Wind-Waker's style with more detail and higher vert models. This is likely to act as a short-cut to being one of the most beautiful games of the generation given how well Wind-Waker itself still stands up today.
- Xenoblade Chronicles X seems to be working with mind-blowing scales and so far looks to be the kind of game that will inspire amazement in the player over the nature of the world they're playing in.

I also feel it is important to tell you that, by getting a Wii-U you'll instantly have access to a number of very worthwhile games. Here are some commonly skipped ones I haven't mentioned yet (the Wii-U's reputation for having very few games hides the fact that a lot of people haven't had the chance to get its full library).

- Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is by all accounts one of the most impressive 2D Platformers in the last few years, and is an especially challenging games.
- Nintendoland is a collection of games, some of which are extremely fun and all of which are effectively the size of eShop games.
- Wonderful 101 is a unique twist on the beat-em-up genre and is quickly developing a major fan-following.

Two more little points I'd like to include for you. One is a matter of a port of a third-party game that is honestly a masterpiece of the game that gets even better on the Wii-U, and one is a game I begged for it after experiencing it as a side-game.

- Deus Ex: Human Revolution is incredible on Wii-U. The uses of the Gamepad are amazing and manages to be greatly enhance a game which, lets be honest, was never built for it. It made it very obvious why the dev-team wanted to make this port.
- Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was begged for via Mii-Verse by myself and many players of Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo have, by all accounts, got plans for solid expansion and explorations of the concept.

There are a number of other promising games and rumors to keep an ear out for or an eye on.

- Yoshi's Woolly World
- Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei
- Hyrule Warriors

ALSO - Star Fox.

Go buy it now

Buy it asap

KLXVER said:
Sorry, but if Nintendo cant convince you, then I sure as hell cant...