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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Thuway exposed again. Can we just stop listening to this guy now?

DanneSandin said:
who the hell is this guy anyway? I've never heard of him...

He is was a "professional" insider!

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Bumping because I clone this thread.

Thuway is a joke.

From now on people should just listen to outsiders like me.

What a fall from grace. Seems only a few months ago some users here took his every word as gospel.

ClassicGamingWizzz said:
bananaking21 said:
ClassicGamingWizzz said:
He does not have insider information, this guy is a fraud, he works this way.

He sees someone talking about a game, like one website or other so called " insiders" starting rumours and he then tweets that same information saying his " informers" leak this to him .

Sometimes he makes tweets with obvious shit that everyone knows it will hapen.

He is an attention whore plain and simple.


can believe i once thought this guy was legit. he is SO full of shit. and honestly, he is a sony fanboy and his "leaks" show it. this guy is sony's misterXmedia. 

oh no. misterXmedia is WAY worse, that dude is like one of those weird cult leaders that invent one religion and are super creepy. The other day someone posted and interview from that blog, that dude invented an interview just to trash sony, it was hilarious and a little bit scary to see, misterXmedia is a person with mental problems.

The question is, can Thuway handle being completely destroyed by his beloved company's best studio?

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Yeah, I'm never listening to a leak from this guy.