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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Thuway exposed again. Can we just stop listening to this guy now?

"explosed" so he exploded and was exposed at the same time? Badass

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thank you based naughty dog.

PattonFiend said:
I thought that said exploded, lol.
arcane_chaos said:
"explosed" so he exploded and was exposed at the same time? Badass

I didn't notice that.  Thanks.  Edited topic.

"I cant talk about it"
lol.... he said it like he saw it himself.

" Before this tweet, Thuway also said Sony at the last minute pulled out announcement of one more big game at E3 2014 and he is not sure whether its "First Party/Third Party" title.
What a clown ! "Yeah guys, they were about to announce this awesome game....but I can´t talk about it. Please give me attention and retweet ! k thanx !

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I always hate him for being a Nintendo hater. Everything is right now.

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Hope that "ReviewTechUSA" guy gets it next. Just another nobody making up stuff for attention. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta get back to round two of my threesome.

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thats what you get for not cross checking sources ....

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This guy is an insider, but just a very bad one, he totally interprets informations he gets.

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whether this guy has insider information or not really isn't the point to me..

...i'm just tired of insiders. i enjoy an epic reveal that is well crafted by a profession marketing team. these insiders just spoil my fun, spoil the surprise, and probably damage the industry by telling half-truths that create lofty expectations that no development team can meet.

let the marketing teams do their jobs.