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Forums - Sony Discussion - For $140, is it worth getting a PS TV instead of a Vita?

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Ever since E3 2011, I have been interested in the Vita. Now, I have bashed it at every oppurtunity, but even I admit it has had some games worth checking out. I did, after all, skip out on the GameCube for the PS2, so I have some fondness of PlayStation products. However, I have frequently doubted the future of the device, doubting that Sony or Western developers would give it much support.

With the news of Vita TV, now renamed PlayStation TV, getting a Western release later this year, I am once again considering the Vita, as a microconsole rather than a handheld. For $140, 30% off of the Vita's price, I can get the bundle with a controller and a free game. At a glance, that seems like a good deal, especially compared to the big consoles' prices.


I'd like to ask a few questions to Vita and Vita TV owners out there. If you could answer even a couple of these questions, I'd appreciate it.

  • The PS TV lacks a back-touchpad like the Vita does. How many games does this make the PS TV incompatible with? Which of those games would be considered essential Vita titles?
  • Conversely, which Vita games DO NOT make good use of the touch-pad? Which do you think would play well on my HD TV?
  • One of the benefits of owning a modern console is the non-gaming functionality, for things like Netflix. How does the Vita stand in terms of providing good non-gaming enertainment options? Netflix, for example, would be a major bonus.
  • What are the digital offerings for the Vita like? I know that there are many acclaimed indie games for the platform, but what about PS1 and PSP games? Are there decent libraries of these games?
  • Will the PS TV come with a sufficently large memory card? If not, what size would you recommend, and how much would that cost?


Also, I am considering the value of the following games for the Vita. Which of them would you recommend/not recommend and why? Also, which ones would be unplayable on PS TV? Feel free to give your own recommendations!

  • Final Fantasy X HD
  • Gravity Rush
  • Guacamelee
  • Muramasa Rebirth
  • Persona 4 Golden
  • Ys: Memories of Celceta


Thanks in advance!


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well ps tv is used only on a tv vita is used portable so its up to you. id get both.  i already have a vita and love it, im getting ps tv 

The back touchpad shouldn't be your concern, more the touch screen. I can't answer all of the questions but it comes down to how much you appreciate handheld gaming over the big screen. If you don't like to hold a small unweildy handheld with a tiny screen, PS TV is the best possible option.
That's the exact reason why I will get a PS TV day one.

 Gravity Rush will definitely not work with TV unless they patch it to be used with the DS4.

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i, personally, would say playstation TV isn't a good replacement for vita.

1. not ever vita game is supported
2. the controls are remapped so (i assume) not every game will play "like it is suppose to"

here is how i see playstationTV. it plays some* vita titles. some psp titles. some ps classics. some ps3 titles (via psnow). and i imagine in the future some ps4 titles. ..and, of course, the most popular tv services.

for a more casual player playstationTV is a cheap way to get access to a lot of content. experiences won't always be optimal but casuals probably won't mind. for the more "core" player that has to have access to every game in the highest fidelity and in the optimal configuration,.. there is ps4 and psvita.

personally, i think sony was foolish to ever market it as a psvita. i think it should have been an entirely different product with an entirely different OS focused on what it is. an inexpensive way to get to a lot of content to those that don't care about all that "extras" provided by ps4.

ps vita hands down. great portable



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I would just go for the vita,the point of the vita is that you can play this great ''console quality'' (stupid ''name'') games on the go, so i don't see how taking away the portability* (is that a word?) makes it better... if you want a PSTV mainly for the price just save for some time and get the PS4 instead. I think there's really no point in owning the pstv if you already have another ps device

Tearaway playable on PS TV?

bevochan said:
Tearaway playable on PS TV?

I dont think so. The PS TV only works with most Vita games, not all.

They would have to patch the game to make it work with just a controller and I doubt they will bother.

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We are in the same boat Salnax! I never got a Vita and bashed it at every opportunity too!
In saying that I was looking to get a Vita one day but since the Vita TV should reach my shores I will choose the PS TV over it any day.

1-The Vita's short battery life will no longer concern me anymore.
2-Comfy couch to lay on while playing on a big screen.
3-Never used Netflix and dont care about it (since its not even an option here)

I guess ultimately it comes down to whether you desperately need it as a handheld gaming device or if would rather it to be a home console.

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I would get the Vita.
PS TV will flop.


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