Forums - Movies Discussion - Have any G-fans on here seen Godzilla 2014 yet? What did you think?

Did you see it and what did you think?

Saw it and it was EPIC! 19 47.50%
Saw it and it was okay 5 12.50%
Saw it and hated it 1 2.50%
Haven't seen it yet 15 37.50%

I haven't seen the movie yet. I'm not excited to see a 2014 Godzilla movie.

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i will be going next weekend, it will be a nice long weekend.


I saw it at IMAX 3D, really enjoyable movie.

I like how they kept teasing him fighting with the other MUTOs before we actually got to see them fighting proper. His roar is the best thing ever, too.


They pulled off the 'human side' just okay, it's not terrible, but is still kinda dull, I'd much prefer less talking, more Godzilla, over all a fairly good movie though.


Why was there a people story? Nobody cares about them in a movie like this. Godzilla himself was awesome, but not enough time spent with him fucking shit up!

It's way better than pacific rim, which was awful. An oil tanker as a baseball bat? Really?

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Personally I thought Godzilla's head was a little too small. Also would have liked the movie to be a bit longer. I was a fan of the 2000 version godzilla as well and thought that maybe this godzilla would take place right after that one but it didn't and that's ok. All in all this was a great Godzilla movie!

I now understand that the toho movies featured very little of Godzilla as well, but I just was not expecting this to be so overtly bait'n'switch for G14.

Aside from Godzilla having barely 7 Mins of screen time, with half of that being his tail or fins, the movie had serious flaws with its pacing, script and characters.