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TheFallen said:
Better to "Rent" decent games that you'll play to completion and be renewing your subscription anyway, than to have games that you've already played 2-5 years ago that you keep for no reason.

But...I haven't played Street Fighter or Charlie Murder, which will be given on 360 next month!

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Azerth said:
if it means newer games then its fine by me it was nice to own the games but they were kind of old

My feelings exactly. I love that Microsoft gave us permanent rewards for subscribing, but the free games were lacking. PS+ games, however impermanent, are qualitatively and quantitatively better. This should bring balance to the Force ;)

Xbox One PSN Plus confirmed. I like when MS follows Sony. It works out better for gamers.

So I get to keep my 360 games for gold, and "rent" my Xbox One games for gold on the one XBL subscription.

I don't see how this is a bad thing, or can be painted as a bad thing. Suddenly the value of an XBL,subscription basically doubled for subscribers with a 360 & an XBox One.

But I'm sure I'll hear how insidious this is from the massed forces of the internet. Carry On.

Now that it completely caught up to PSNs features Sony should work on their online availability so we have 2 completely same Online Networks.

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KylieDog said:
"Must download titles during designated window" This just means add them to account right?

that's how sony works at least,.. i can redownload my ps+ library at any time so long as i add it to my account. 


OT - i'm just really happy we can stop the non-sense hater remarks about how ps+ is a rental service now.  they are they same.  "free" games are great.  stop complaining about them.

also, i'm loving that sony is the one being copied right now.  EVERY time someone tells me all sony does is copy others i'm going to bring this up.  good ideas deserved to be copied and PS+ IS AN AMAZING SERVICE THAT SONY FIRST INTRODUCED. 

I was always fine if they went the PS+ route.

With that requirement, they have to bring a service as good as sony

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Good idea to be honest. Its a really good service model. They should be able to get much better games at a faster rate now.

Would not be shocked if the new gears were to be called gears of war: the last of us thieves. :D

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This is very, very good news now they will get more up to date games rather then extremely old ones.

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