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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Do you Expect From the Next Pokemon Generation?

NintendoPie said:
Considering how unrefined and, frankly, disappointing X/Y was as a whole, I just expect GameFreak to improve on the formula already at hand. Considering Gen. V was an evolution of Gen. IV, this makes sense.

Things that need to be improved include, but aren't limited to; expansion of amount of new Pokemon added (the amount of Pokemon added in Gen. VI was laughable), improvement in graphics (especially during 3D battles), improvement on story, and harder difficulty modes. X/Y really needs to be polished, because it's not.

Also, Mega Evolutions were terrible decisions from the beginning. Take them out.

It's kind of hard to take out Mega Evolutions. They are an important game mechanic that if they take out, a large majority of competitive battlers will be pissed. Mawile would go back to being damn near useless.

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MohammadBadir said:

Gen 5 was an "optimized" Gen 4, and Gen 2, to a lesser extent, was an "optimized" Gen 1, I want Gen 7 to be an "optimized" Gen 6,

I want the game to look a lot better,

I want the loading times (especially the lag when going into a battle) to be eliminated,

I want more new mechanics,

I want REAL post game content,

I want a more serious storyline (Gen 6 dissappointed in that regard, Gen 5 did it best),

I want REAL rivals (like Green, Silver and N, not the "childhood friend/s" bullshit that got old in Gen 4, I want a rival/s that makes you feel that they are a geniuine challenge/hate your guts, unlike May, Barry, and the other guys that made you feel like you're having a play date rather than a Pokemon fight),

I want Shinies to actually be rare like the good ol' Gen 1/2/3 days, before chaining and the shiny charm and other bullshit came into the scene,

I want Shiny restriction to go to freaking die off,

I want transferring Pokemon from Gen 6 to be fucking free and include the item that it was holding (is this really too much to ask for? seriously, transferring Pokemon from 1 Gen to another gets worse and worse as time goes on, Gen 1 to Gen 2 let you "trade" your Pokemon and back (with an item too), Gen 2 didn't have transfers to Gen 3 so ignore this one, Gen 3 to Gen 4 let you transfer your Pokemon with an item one-way only, Gen 4 to 5 let you transfer your Pokemon one-way only and without items, and Gen 5 to 6 requires a paid subscribtion that a lot of people won't even need),

I want Ruby/Sapphire remakes, it's been long overdue.

These are all things that can happen, some of them more than others though.

This guy knows what's up.

Maxxy said:

It's kind of hard to take out Mega Evolutions. They are an important game mechanic that if they take out, a large majority of competitive battlers will be pissed. Mawile would go back to being damn near useless.

If anything, Mega Evolutions only made more competitive battles annoying considering how OP it can make certain Pokemon. 

I would like to point out that Nintendo could've just evolved Pokemon like Mawile, instead of giving them a Mega Evolution. This is something they've done before, and it's worked out well.

it would be almost the same with gen 6.

pokemon's progression is slower than other series....

I think it will take a few more generations to have an active style battle.... where you can see the pokemons walking around


local, regional, national and global tournments.
the champions can make its own gyms: build the puzzles, choose the pokemon, the AI, the quotes, and the visual of the gym leader(and elite four and champion).

So, after beating the game, you can enter in the local tournment, and the champions choose the leaders. Being a local leader, you can enter the regional, if you win, you can be a regional leader(leaving yout local post to other), this repeat for national and global leaders.

If you dont want to compete in this online tournment, you play the game as usual. But after beating the game, the leaders will be upgraded to local leaders, and you can defy them again and and local elite four and becamo the local champion(in your game). Than, the leaders will be updated to regional, than, national, than global.

So, it would be a very long post gaming chalenge.
And if you update every month with a new tornment, the game would be infinity.

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The PWT should return, I hope it does in Pokemon Z/X2/Y2.

Chair pokemon! Come on chairokee!

Seriously, i would really, really appreciate a challenging pokemon game. I know must of the challenge comes from battling other real players but i'm not into the whole process of making the perfect team, etc. I want a pokemon game with some slightly older themes, less carebear story, and trainers/gyms with a brain.

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AZWification said:
Ka-pi96 said:
Third person perspective with a sprawling open world.

I'd be happy with more cute pokemons and lots of awesomeness again though.

Dreaming is not always healthy, my friend!

Maybe not. But it is fun to dream.

Slade6alpha said:
Screw the next Pokemon generation...
WHERE'S MY GEN 3 REMAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just hope they add more Pokes, better story, hard mode, etc.

Gen 3 was my favourite. Those remakes would be really great.

I want pokemon to be real, so I can be a pokemon trainer myself :D