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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Do you Expect From the Next Pokemon Generation?

Nothing, that way I wont be disappointed!

Alright fine, I expect a dolphin-like pocket monster like I do before every gen. :L

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just give me shiny graphics and MORE content, not just beat these gyms, kill this bad guy, gratz here's your hall of fame ring- you know what i mean? that's the only thing i would add, since system and mechanics are already perfect.

I'd like the world to be "more 3d". XY kept the camera and movement about the same as before. I'd like a full 3d explorable world, with proportional characters (like when we see when a battle starts/ changing clothes). A pokemon following you, like in yellow/hgss would be great.

Minor details, like being able to nickname pokemon you get from a trade. Inovative pokemon: a pokemon with 3 types or two abilities, maybe an ability that let's the pokemon learn 5 moves or that let it use two itens. Events pokemon being available forever. Special based rock type pokemon + a good special rock move. A great and more mature storyline. lot's of stuff to do post game. Many secrets to find when exploring.

edit: more customization, both for your avatar and pokemon. evolutions for poor pokemon, such as ledian and dunsparce.

- Defenders with a higher awareness rating are less likely to bite on fake-outs.
- Re-tuned pursuit angles, where defenders take smarter routes to the ball in order to track down ball carriers and make plays.
- Defenders will now “break down” and prepare for a tackle as they get close to the ball carrier.

I'd like to see a Pokemon X Saint's Row game.

3 years? I doubt that. Unless game freak are working on a wii u game, i expect a new pokemon game next year. Wether its x2 y2, remake of previous gen or a new one.
What i expect? More content. What i would like to see? For it to be on Wii U.

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Less new Pokemon, fix the framerates, optimize the hell out of the engine, full 3D environment (none of the cheap tricks used in XY, much of it looks like crap aside from the average battle models), allow for a hard difficulty from the start, make the trainers smarter, allow for Pokemon to follow you around like in HGSS (not very useful, but was pretty neat), oh, there's much they can do.

Screw the next Pokemon generation...
WHERE'S MY GEN 3 REMAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just hope they add more Pokes, better story, hard mode, etc.

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The Pokemon Plus and Minus leak sounded pretty good to me. I'd love it if they made both console and handheld versions for once.

Considering how unrefined and, frankly, disappointing X/Y was as a whole, I just expect GameFreak to improve on the formula already at hand. Considering Gen. V was an evolution of Gen. IV, this makes sense.

Things that need to be improved include, but aren't limited to; expansion of amount of new Pokemon added (the amount of Pokemon added in Gen. VI was laughable), improvement in graphics (especially during 3D battles), improvement on story, and harder difficulty modes. X/Y really needs to be polished, because it's not.

Also, Mega Evolutions were terrible decisions from the beginning. Take them out.

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Einsam_Delphin said:
Nothing, that way I wont be disappointed!

Alright fine, I expect a dolphin-like pocket monster like I do before every gen. :L

I want one so much too!