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MohammadBadir said:

Gen 5 was an "optimized" Gen 4, and Gen 2, to a lesser extent, was an "optimized" Gen 1, I want Gen 7 to be an "optimized" Gen 6,

I want the game to look a lot better,

I want the loading times (especially the lag when going into a battle) to be eliminated,

I want more new mechanics,

I want REAL post game content,

I want a more serious storyline (Gen 6 dissappointed in that regard, Gen 5 did it best),

I want REAL rivals (like Green, Silver and N, not the "childhood friend/s" bullshit that got old in Gen 4, I want a rival/s that makes you feel that they are a geniuine challenge/hate your guts, unlike May, Barry, and the other guys that made you feel like you're having a play date rather than a Pokemon fight),

I want Shinies to actually be rare like the good ol' Gen 1/2/3 days, before chaining and the shiny charm and other bullshit came into the scene,

I want Shiny restriction to go to freaking die off,

I want transferring Pokemon from Gen 6 to be fucking free and include the item that it was holding (is this really too much to ask for? seriously, transferring Pokemon from 1 Gen to another gets worse and worse as time goes on, Gen 1 to Gen 2 let you "trade" your Pokemon and back (with an item too), Gen 2 didn't have transfers to Gen 3 so ignore this one, Gen 3 to Gen 4 let you transfer your Pokemon with an item one-way only, Gen 4 to 5 let you transfer your Pokemon one-way only and without items, and Gen 5 to 6 requires a paid subscribtion that a lot of people won't even need),

I want Ruby/Sapphire remakes, it's been long overdue.

These are all things that can happen, some of them more than others though.

This guy knows what's up.