Forums - Gaming Discussion - If you could do one thing to turn the PS Vita around what would it be?

Well for one, vita supply in NA is complete trash. No wonder numbers are shit.


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FromDK said:
easy.. make a phone model

This 100%. I love the Vita, and the games. The OS is already top notch, and a much better exprience than I have had with any of the androids or iPhones I have owned or used.

With a phone sku in the mix with 4G the sales for this device would explode. With the massive infusion of sales 3rd parties would swarm to it, and great exlusives would just add fuel to the fire.

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End production, start a new Handheld console based around the Xperia Z line. Utilize playstation Now on that platform. -I have a vita. But I don't see its fortune turning around anytime soon (unless a gta is in the works).

Can't we all just get along.If not for yourself, do it for the future.

Bundle it with the PS4, with a price cut, should have been done as soon as the PS4 released, people would have bought it if it was at $500 (of course, still sell most of the PS4 alone, let's not turn in into another kinect).

I don't think ONE thing would be enough because there are two problems with the Vita: Software and Memory. It sounds controversial but I would have launched the system at $299 with 32GB of internal memory, that price is high but this is the initial cost everyone thought the system would be, I think people would have been fine it, its the price of the memory cards that put a bad taste in peoples mouths. This way the memory cards could remain proprietary but would be completely optional and only available in $16GB ($39.99) and 32GB ($69.99).

In terms of games, any one of these changes would have made a big difference.

-Final Fantasy Type 0 as a launch window title, slightly upgraded visuals from the PSP version and released both in Japan and West in summer.

-Jak 4 instead of Uncharted Golden Abyss. Uncharted is a nice tech demo but does anyone really want to play a watered down version of the PS3 games?

-Elderscrolls Morrowind remaster exclusive to the Vita with a huge graphical overhaul.

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I don't think one thing would really help anymore. What I would do with the largest chance to turn it around would be an exclusive GTA.

They need to drop it to the price of the 3ds (sadly), and advertise it's cool functionality more. It's kinda sad how such a great hand held is doing so horribly.

Grand Theft Auto: Las Venturas / San Fierro Stories.

Have SCEA make games for it or re-unlock all the PS One games so people game play them.

Cut the memory card prices.

try to get more indie devs to make more games for it. like on steam. -Jim sterling.

I'd Write "Nintendo" on the back of it.

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