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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Does Wii have more million sellers to come?

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hopefully at least one of those would be nice


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Just Dance and Skylanders, probably

Just Dance is obviously going to sell loads again..

No. The system will be discontinued by Jan 2015 and pretty much all new software will disappear from store shelves is my bet.


Still a huge number of wii consoles in people's home's. I think it was a mistake of Nintendo to concentrate on wii u. The wii is at a lower price point and a decent budget wii could still sell very well. The wii mini was horrible with only composite output when all modern televisions expect hdmi connections for best results. The right software on wii is still selling very well and making good profits. Lots of games aren't graphically taxing and benefit from the wii's motion controls.

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Richard_Feynman said:
TanookiSuit123 said:
I would hope so. It would be well deserved to say the least...

Just Dance?

No, I mean the Wii as a console has done so well considering everything.

I'd say Just Dance 2015 is a safe bet (if it comes to Wii).

Skylanders could be close.

Seece said:

I'll remember you said that. ;)

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

Most likely.

There's also a handful that's at 0.98-0.99m. They aren't really selling anymore because they're old, but who knows. One of them could tick to 1.0m.

curl-6 said:

With Skylanders Trap Team and presumably Just Dance 2015 still on the way for the little white box, could Nintendo's last gen system break the million barrier at least once more?

Recently releases Just Dance 2014, Disney Infinity, and Skkylanders SWAP FORCE all managed to do so.

The next Disney Infinity is skipping the Wii, I wouldn't doubt Skylanders might be doing the same.

Depends on how gutsy Ubisoft feels about Just Dance. At some point, you have to force adoption to another system if you want the series to survive. Doing that in the same year Mario Kart, 2 Mario Games, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Skylanders, Infinity and other family friendly titles have reasonably new releases on the Wii U's supposed peak year makes sense.

As a consistent cash cow for Ubisoft -- everyone wants Just Dance to continue so Ubisoft can comfortably take on riskier projects.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016