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ethomaz said:
Seems like 32 weeks is too much.

How many do you guys expect PS4 to win consecutively?

I'm prediction at least 10 months in a row this year... one or two will be in the MS side.

Depends completely on E3 in my opinion. Last year Sony made a huge statement at E3 and it really helped them win the momentum they needed going into the next gen. I fully expect the winner of this E3 to gain a lot of momentum in the US.

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Its going to be neck and neck till Halo 5. Then its going to be tough for PS4 to keep up with XBO.

No, not even remotely possible. It is still questionable who will win in the US with neither currently having any sort of advantage at the moment. game releases each month at this point in time will decide monthly wins.

no absolutely not were talking about almost 3 yrs straight here the xb1 is bound to steal some months when key SW comes out for it aswell as price drops


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No, I think the months of halo 5 and Gears 4 will stop the PS4 from topping the record

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Doubt it, a halo reléase or a massive price cut should end the winning streak, if neither of them do it, nothing will.

One big game e.g. A, will save the B.
A - Popular/System Selling/My Favorite/Hyped game
B - Console being saved.

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What I wanna know is how the hell did PS1 or 2 not get at least 3 years straight?

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Sagemode87 said:
People do realize that PS2 outsold Xbox in the states right? Last gen doesn't dictate this gen. Otherwise PS3 would've slaughtered the competition right? Please stop saying US is Xbox land, clearly it's not right now.

It's not about outselling the xbone it's about doing it 32 months straight , the PS4 could  theoreticaly dominate  by winning over a  8 year period ,  93 out of 96 months and still not achieve the streak.

ethomaz said:
bevochan said:
PS4 should win every month until Halo 5 is released. I'm guessing Xbox1 could win 1 month then....

This is a good point but I think Sony will release some big game in holidays too (I guess Halo 5 will be launched in holidays like every other interaction).

Only way PS4 can beat the One is if they launch Uncharted 4 in the same month..which looks pretty unlikley. But Uncharted 4 can easily pull over way over a 1 million in its first month and if it gets the same acclaim as TLOU it can maybe pull of 2m.