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Forums - Gaming Discussion - A game you could play every 2 or 3 months

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The Paper Mario series. I play them in order and after I beat sticker star I have the urge to start over with the first one again. I seriously can't wait for the Wii u paper game. At least I have 4 now to hold me over while I wait :)

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Original BioShock.

Each and every main series pokémon games.
Also, Sonic 1 (MS) and Sonic 1 and 2 (MD, yeah, I call it Mega Drive).

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. I just love starting the game again and again. I dunno, there's just something thrilling about looking for the blueprints and remaking the weapons every time (and having enough GMP to make them). And I go to my original save game from time to time to S rank every Main and Extra Op. But that FOXHOUND title is out of my reach now -_-

Any classic 2D Sonic game.

Any top-down Zelda game.

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Dark Soul's maybe,