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Forums - Gaming Discussion - MGS:GZ looks better on the XOne than on PS4, for what I see on Twitch

Has anyone noticed how bad the streeming for GZ on PS4 are looking?

I know the resolution for the PS4 streaming is sub-HD but most of the gameplays I saw looks washed-out and with a lot of compression. The (few) Xone gameplays are cristal clear though.

This kind of effect don´t happened with COD or Battlefield.

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You mean Twitch that streams at a higher res on XOne than on PS4? Ofcourse it's going to look better!

If Kojima and all the websites and publications say it looks better on PS4, I'll believe them. Like you said, I'm pretty sure Xbox One's twitch runs better

only on twitch

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I guess the creator of the game kojima.. Is super not trust worthy based on your analysis, since he himself said the game was best on ps4 by a long shot


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Are you seriously using Twitch to do this? *facepalm*. There's this thing called Youtube. Also, even the developers are saying it looks better on PS4...

comparing video streams about a game ? and then make judgments about it of what game looks better ?

congratulations, you just did your first step towards becoming a PS4 owner by noticing a difference in resolution

Twitch runs better on the one then the ps4

How can you tell which platform they are playing on?

btw, I think he already knows which version is better. he wants the debate the quality of the streaming (atleast I hope so)