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Forums - Gaming Discussion - MGS:GZ looks better on the XOne than on PS4, for what I see on Twitch

eFKac said:
Wow that's a new low

Id say xD but but If I watch it through twitch then X1 wins!

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EricFabian said:
only on twitch

*twich exclusive.

kowenicki said:

I'm not sure the game is long enough to be able to tell the difference...



Twitch XBOXONE runs at a higher res than twitch PS4, so you cant compare that way.  Its confirmed the game runs at a higher res on the PS4, no idea how they look side by side though.

Stolen from an earlier post

bananaking21 said:

didnt check them all, but PS4 is easily the better version. there is a good different in image quality as well. 

Edit: checked the one you said, i am guessing there is a mistake with that one, it looks like a 360/ps3 version to me. other pics dont show that big of a different, it just cant be right. 

That's what i thought too. The PS4 version looks quite obviously better, but the 7th X1 screenshot looks way too blurry. The HUD is clearer in some of it's other shots so its either a shitty screenshot or (more likely looking at the lower detail in the distance) a PS3/360 version.

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poklane said:

Are you seriously using Twitch to do this? *facepalm*. There's this thing called Youtube.

Oh boy, the irony.

Mohasus said:
poklane said:

Are you seriously using Twitch to do this? *facepalm*. There's this thing called Youtube.

Oh boy, the irony.

Youtube 1080p vs 1080p is way more reliable than Twitch 720p vs 540p (or whatever PS4 streams are). And then, Twitch also relies on your and the streamer's connection, Youtube doesn't. If you wanna compare: Youtube or see both versions for yourself.

Trunkin said:

I think this thread sums up much of what's wrong with the community on most gaming sites these days.

Wow first the ps4 amazon fall thread now this, is it like some weird fail thread day or something ??? early april fools type stuff going on.

So much fail op dammmnnn.

Dark_Feanor said:

Has anyone noticed how bad the streeming for GZ on PS4 are looking?

I know the resolution for the PS4 streaming is sub-HD but most of the gameplays I saw looks washed-out and with a lot of compression. The (few) Xone gameplays are cristal clear though.

This kind of effect don´t happened with COD or Battlefield.

That is an excellent observation.  You could play your games from Twitch and that way they will look better than the PS4 version?