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Forums - Gaming Discussion - MGS:GZ looks better on the XOne than on PS4, for what I see on Twitch

So the lesson is watch Xb one twitch streaming, but play PS4.

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What everyone else has been saying, pretty much.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

binary solo said:

So the lesson is watch Xb one twitch streaming, but play PS4.

This is correct yep.


Just close the thread, its so pointless. Dark_Feanor knows what he's doing by posting this type of crap its beyond ridiculous.

Well, it is not surprising because all Xbone games look better than their PS4 counterparts but it only happens on Twitch and in your dreams of course.

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Ashadian said:
Dark_Feanor said:

Has anyone noticed how bad the streeming for GZ on PS4 are looking?

I know the resolution for the PS4 streaming is sub-HD but most of the gameplays I saw looks washed-out and with a lot of compression. The (few) Xone gameplays are cristal clear though.

This kind of effect don´t happened with COD or Battlefield.

That is an excellent observation.  You could play your games from Twitch and that way they will look better than the PS4 version?

I have no ideia.

Today was the first time a have this app a closer look and could compare each one at the time.

My point is, that if I didn´t have previous knowlage of the native resolution on each console, I would assume the PS4 version is just on par with the PS360 versions.

Don´t know if the exactly same problem affects other games.