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Forums - Gaming Discussion - After 9 years, Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 finally announced for...

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I love the Rollercoaster tycoon games, but I'm not too excited about it being on mobile...


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wow i love roller coaster tycoon that fkin sucks.
phone games are garbage so i expect the same from this.

looks like i wont be picking this up. ~Thank you Stefl1504 for the amazing sig~

Almost got excited but I saw "mobile discussion".

shikamaru317 said:

Damn, I was hoping Microsoft would get the rights since they did another Zoo Tycoon. As much as I love RollerCoaster Tycoon, I won't be getting this.

Edit: Oh man, it's iOS exclusive too? That's even worse, could have at least released it on Android. Screw you Atari.

Sadly, I think the Zoo Tycoon sales on XB1 & 360 will have put them off going after games like this again.

It's a shame, because on the one hand I really wish management-type games would come back to consoles.  Half my PS1 library is made from RTS' and management sims.

But on the flipside, the reviews of Zoo Tycoon made it seem like Kinectimals and you get to place a few buildings as a bonus.  Not really what I was hoping it would've been.

Damn you OP! My heart raced with excitement when I saw that title, and then crashed and burned. Seriously though, a proper new PC RCT game NEEDS to happen. I still enjoy RCT3 to this day, but it's damn time for an update.

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Now I feel sad...

Okay, it's mobile, but that's not so bad. The real question is: Is it F2P?

Trunkin said:
Okay, it's mobile, but that's not so bad. The real question is: Is it F2P?

Its only on iOS as well. Android and Windows phone people can't even play it. 


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Thanks for bringing all the "wonderful" mobile news to us, Kresnik.. 一_一

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I saw this thread and just knew it would be mobile. Annoying, but let's just wait a moment and see what it's like before passing judgement already.


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