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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What will sell more Final Fantasy 15 or Kingdom Hearts 3?

For arguments sake we'll assume both games get released on XBO and PS4, say within half a year of each other.

Which do you expect will sell more and how much do you think they'll sell?

In Japan I think FFXV will be a lot more successful while in America I expect KH3 to sell more. Europe doesn't really care but that could go either way, perhaps more so towards FFXV.

Both games I could see selling 4-5 million. Though I think FFXV has more potential to go higher so I think that could do better.

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Depends. Will the Xbox version have assault rifles and grenades on the cover?


-Mr Khan

Maybe the kingdom hearts fan base is bigger now, thanks to all the handheld games after kh2. But final fantasy xv should sell more globally.

Of course Final Fantasy.

that is highly dependant on quality. if square screws up with FF 15, KH3 should easily outsell it.

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FF no doubt and by far

Most likely Final Fantasy.

There will be a lot of hype for KH when the time comes though. Not to mention FF15 has in been stuck in development hell for years now. And with the current state of the FF series...really who knows?

I'm thinking FF by a huge margin.

tbone51 said:
FF no doubt and by far

Are you sure? The 13 trilogy could have hurt the franchise more than some people think.

Final Fantasy XV, by far.