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Forums - General Discussion - Who's the Most attractive VG Chartz Member?

Are there any prizes?
A date with one of the girls or so?

If everyone's doing it...

I'll try to find something less boring.

Come on AoA, don't tell me I'm no match for you...

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As i love jumping on the bandwaggon!

i would like to nominate myself for this award since there aren't any females that are my cup of tea on this website
















I am. but sorry lady's Im spoken for.

Legend11 said:
Here's a picture of me that I posted on here last year.


Dude, what are you staring at?!

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Me because i can make fancy white letters pop outta nowhere and say o rly, that and because i have final fantasy hair.

If not me, then makingmusic. >_>

i have a dreadlock mullet, would that make me atractive?


ME :)



also nordlead