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Forums - General Discussion - Who's the Most attractive VG Chartz Member?

I am the most attractive member... with mask... believe me

SSBB FC: 5155 2671 4071 elgefe02: "VGChartz's Resident Raving Rabbit"   MKWii:5155-3729-0989

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Playing: Borderlands(great co-op,HUGE amount of content),Too Human(better late than never lol),Saints Row 3(Penetrator ftw),Minecraft 360,Harry Potter Lego. 

Patiently waiting for:  Tomb Raider, Borderlands 2

More recent picture of myself, taken an hour ago.

One pic that beats all others including mine: Welcome back Rubang!

^Epic Win. Everyone should bow to the infinite sexyness of the awesome Rubang B.

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I still say it's me.



Girl Gamer Elite?

Brawl FC: 0473 - 7465 - 0612

DmiesterJ- I coulda swore you were a white dude! Looking good playa.

Fkusomot- Awwww cute kid pics, my man.

Rubang- LOL you are the man. Looking good.


Art and Okey-Bringing sexy back