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remote play != cross controller.

...i've played the little big planet 2 psvita cross-controller DLC and absolutely 100% guarantee that vita can act exactly like the wiiU's gamepad. ...if developers create content for it.

now why developers would want to create content for such and extremely limited user-base is inexplicable. ..probably why no one is doing it.

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Rogerioandrade said:

Technically, yes, but unlike the Gamepad, Vita wasn´t designed from scratch to do that. I believe there must be some intricating programming to make it work like the gamepad, which maybe prevented Ubisoft to work on it.

Vita was built from the ground up to work with PS4. I really don't think there is anything intricate required at all.

It'll more have been, will this feature sell any more copies on PS4 than not having it? No? Don't bother!

I mean how many Vita owners will be getting the PS4 version? Surely if they were that interested in the game, they'd already have bought it on Vita or another format?

Suddenly leaves you with very little market for the features.

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Shocking news: WiiU + tablet controller cannot do Vita afterall

You can not zoom in and out by pinching the touchscreen. The resistive touchscreen is also less responsive:

Also you can't play Rayman Legends on the WiiU at all, if you are more than 20 feet / 6 meters away from the console:

Rogerioandrade said:
justiceiro said:
There is no sucessfull franchise on wiiu to use the gamepad yet. When(if) it comes, them you can count there will be a lot of alike them there.

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of course not.

No one is going to develop features for a small % of the potential user base.

Its only on Wii U because the gamepad is 100% of Wii Us base.