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Sooo... playing the PS4 version of the game via remote play doesnt give you vita touch inputs? and why should it, play the vita version you'll get free with crossbuy.

Sooo... one game, *being played by remote play and not as companion screen* doesnt do it so its proof it will never happen?

I guess your point is valid since the 3DS touchscreen works when playing WiiU games remotely.....

.. OH, WAIT!

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some people just don't understand of what remote-play means, its just basically transfer the scene that suppose to display on TV to the Vita, and yet people expect Vita has the ability to add in other features automatically when the developers never program it for their games... 

Now that's grasping.

Nothing in that says PS4+ Vita can't do WiiU. Just that this game doesn't.

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Lame. All of this stuff is possible but the support is horrible. At least remote play is being done, but most games half ass it.

I really don't see many developers using the Second Screen function although I'll be pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. There simply aren't enough PSV owners to warrant time spent on a function by developers who are trying to release their initial PS4 titles. Maybe in the future if a developer wants to experiment with it.

I won't rule it out in the future, but for now, the best cross function for the PSV is for Remote Play.

And of course, Cross Buy allows owners of both to double up on their purchases and PSN+ means they have access to that much more content, but neither of these perks are functions of the PSV.

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I think it is possible , but its up to the developer.

In TR Definitive edition remoteplay allows for pinch and zoom of the map. Plus remoteplay is only one of the options available for devs to use, there is also second screen, and possibly a cross controller feature like with the ps3. LB2 on ps3 uses this feature.

Yeah it can do this stuff but they chose not too, Vita does it with LBP on PS3, it was just there choice. Most people wont have a Vita AND a PS4 so why bother.

If your desperate for the touch screen Murphy levels id just get the Vita version its a damn site cheaper.

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brb selling my PS4 and Vita.


You own a Vita?! Wow... One guy spotted on a forum, that's saving my day!

It's possible but developers just can't be bothered to develop specific features for PS4-Vita remote play.

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