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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What if Nintendo buyed the PlayStation brand?

What would happen if Sony were to sell the PlayStation brand and Nintendo would buy it?

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I would lol so hard but it ain't gonna happen


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Nintendo would waste a lot of money

The internet would collapse and we would have to live our lives without it for at least 2 weeks. I don't want that to ever happen please.

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Then Nintendo would rule the entire gaming world but would not have enough money to make a single game and then they would be forced to sell something :)

(Nintendo and Sony keep changing their position in Japans richest company charts. Last time I checked Nintendo was worth slightly more but when they buy Sony they have like 100 yen left lol)

Oh wait it was just the playstation brand?

Its like dividing by zero and the internet will implode.

Sony will have money and make Pony Slaystation and every1 but PETA and people that like animals will be happy.
Games like
Dog of War
Grand Tourist Hoe
will be the new bestsellers (original titles were also sold to Nintendo)

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nintendo would run the playstation brand into the ground just like they did with the wii brand.

Nintendo is worth less than Sony so this question is moot for the most part.

What if Valve bought valve


It really wouldn't work. PS brand built itself on the loss-leader model, which is incompatible with Nintendo's approach to console design. It's a setup that would only work in the opposite direction, if Sony bought Nintendo's studios outright.

Now, SCE studios could certainly help Nintendo in some hypothetical firesale where Sony studios had to be sold for a song, but the real value of the brand would be destroyed if Nintendo bought it.

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How often is this thread going to get made? seriously